Meeting for a photograph at the entrance to the Motherhouse were the Jubilarians and our General Superior, our Provincial Superior, their vicaresses and the priests.

Filled with gratitude and joy, two Franciscan sisters celebrated their Golden Jubilee and nine sisters their Diamond Jubilee at the Motherhouse in Thuine. The Holy Mass for the occasion, which was celebrated by Canon Theo Paul, with Father Klemens-M. Banse, OFM and many other priests concelebrating, and attended by numerous co-sisters, relatives and guest of the Jubilarians, took place on May 4, 2024 in Christ the King Church.

Rejoicing in these Jubilees were Superior General Sister Maria Cordis Reiker and her Vicaress, Sister M. Maximilia Um, as well as Sister Maria Angelis Hegemann and Sister M. Vitalia Hechler (German Provincial Superior and her Vicaress)

The names of the Jubilarians:

Golden Jubilee

Sister Maria Theresia Goeke Osnabrück
Sister M. Beata Geers Thuine

Diamond Jubilee

Sister Maria Franziska Kavermann Thuine
Sister M. Christhilde Hartlage Fürstenau-Schwagstorf
Sister M. Egberta Focke Thuine
Sister M. Dietgarde Kaßner Fürstenau-Schwagstorf
Sister M. Simonis Göttker Thuine
Sister M. Irmgard Lütke-Gehling Fürstenau-Schwagstorf
Sister M. Irmfried Lücke Thuine
Sister M. Raintraud Kaszynski Ostercappeln
Sister M. Dominika Dannebaum Sögel

In addition the Jubilarians, the photo also includes the main celebrant, Canon Theo Paul, Father Klemens-M. Banse, OFM and Chaplain in Residence Fr. Paul Schäfer (from Bad Soden am Taunus), as well as the General Superior with her Vicaress (far left) and the Provincial Superior from Fürstenau-Schwagstorf with her Vicaress (far right.) Sister M. Christhilde Hartlage celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in Fürstenau-Schwagstorf.

More photos of the jubilee celebration