At the request of the Apostolic Administrator of Southern Albania, Franciscan Bishop Hil Kabashi, we opened a mission in Delvine, Albania on August 14, 2001 with four sisters. Five sisters are currently stationed there.

The convent chapel has become a base of support for the Church in the region and the place from which our sisters undertake pastoral work, i.e. sacramental preparation, preparing and organizing religious services, as well as making home visits and taking care of sacristy needs. They maintain a boarding school for girls and also provide a homework assistance program. One sister is active in social work with the Caritas organization.

The sisters face the daily challenges of living in a former socialist-atheist state, in immediate proximity with Muslims, as leaven for a small Christian cell. Within this context, the primary service of the sisters is one of presence to those to whom they have been sent.

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