Called - Guided - Sent

„... to make his merciful love visible.“

 Quote from our profession formula

News & Report

Advent Calendar for the 800th Anniversary of St. Francis’ Celebration of Christmas at Greccio

Out of Greccio is made a new Bethlehem(Thomas of Celano) It has been 800 years since St. Francis of ...

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Handel and Tchaikovsky for a Good Cause

The Air Force Band of Münster plays in Thuine (Photo by J. Franke) by Johannes Franke, Lingen The Münster Air Force ...

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A Moving Visit to the Site of our Congregation’s Founding

A Digital Interview with Two American Sisters From August 31 to October 13, 2023, two of our American sisters visited ...

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Worship Service & Liturgy of the Hours

Worship Service & Liturgy of the Hours

Heartly invitation to Holy Mass and Liturgy of the Hours with the Sisters at Christ the King Church.

Mondays to Saturdays

  • 06:30 a. m. Holy Mass


  • 07:00 a. m. Holy Mass

Liturgy of the Hours

  • Mondays to Saturdays 06:00 a. m. Laudes (morning prayers)
  • 17:45 a. m. Vespers (evening prayers)
  • Sundays 06:30 a. m. Laudes
  • 17:45 a. m. Vespers