André Straubinger, seminarian from the Diocese of Graz-Seckau, the newly ordained Fr. Patrick Poll, and Chaplain Fr. Gabriel Steiner, Diocese of Feldkirch, Austria

It was with great joy that we were able to celebrate a special Pentecost today. Patrick Poll, who was ordained a priest in the Osnabrück Cathedral on May 18, celebrated his first Mass after his priestly ordination in our Christ the King Church. In addition to our rector, Fr. Klemens M. Banse, OFM and Fr. Dietmar Schöneich, pastor of the parish church in Thuine, there were also other concelebrating priests who had guided Fr. Poll on his way; a few even came from the Diocese of Feldkirch in Austria.

In this manner, we celebrated the coming of the Holy Spirit in a very festive service, at the end of which, Fr. Patrick Poll gave a special gift. For all those present at the Mass, he gave his first blessing as a new priest through the laying on of hands. Thank you very much for that!

We wish Fr. Patrick Poll all imaginable goodness and God’s rich blessing for the continued living out of his vocation.