Interim Report on Children's Health Resorts - Documentation as the Start of a Dialogue

The documentation, which can be downloaded from this page, deals with allegations of sexual violence and physical abuse in our children's health resorts between 1970 and 1990. The documentation mainly provides an account of the victims' reports without commenting on or classifying them.

Former residents of our children’s health resorts should know that we are not questioning their memories. I want their voices to be heard after all this time: by all the Sisters in our Congregation, by all the staff in our facilities and by all those who, up to now, have not acknowledged this suffering," explains Sister Maria Cordis Reiker. The very title "Interim Report" indicates that this documentation does not mark the end of the investigation. The publication is at the same time an invitation to those who would like to share their experiences to contact the Congregation. In this way, their accounts can gradually be added to the report.

Aware that we cannot make amends for the injustice suffered by the children, but in the hope of expressing the sincerity of our attitude, we are publishing this documentation.

Sister Maria Cordis Reiker
Superior General of the Congregation